RockandSock’em Marketing is a full-service lifestyle marketing and public relations consultancy founded and managed by leading PR, advertising and talent agency professional John Eckel. The firm specializes in branded entertainment, sports marketing and PR.

John has forged a successful career on both the corporate and celebrity talent sides of the sports, entertainment, media and marketing industries, with a proven client track record of success as:

  • President and CEO of leading advertising agency Grey Global Group’s branded entertainment division
  • A commercial endorsements talent agent with the world’s #1 talent agency, Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
  • Senior Vice President and founder of leading PR firm Hill and Knowlton’s global sports marketing division. During his 14-year tenure with Hill and Knowlton, he also forged a joint venture called BrandStruck with WPP sister company J. Walter Thompson, serving as its Chief Creative Officer
  • Vice President  and co-founder of the U.S. Sports Marketing Division of #1 global PR firm Edelman Worldwide

RockandSock’em’s brand promise is simple: Client Value.  Our business model offers clients elite agency senior management representation, “big idea” creative thinking, C-suite level strategic counsel, uncompromising hands-on client service and logistical execution, and measurable, bottom-line impact - - at a significantly reduced fee structure and “out-of-pocket cost reduction/offset costs via brand partnerships” mentality.  

That brand promise translates into more experienced, specialized talent with proven track records working on your day-to-day business. Less junior-level talent taking batting practice on your business.  Less big office cost overhead.  More marketing, PR and bottom line bang for your hard-earned buck.

On behalf of our corporate clientele, RockandSock’em helps navigate the increasingly complex sports, entertainment and media industries, events and content - -  and the niche digital platforms, social media and emerging technologies that deliver it.

For example, we provide clients “first look” entertainment and sports industry research and intelligence that offers new strategic and creative marketing platforms and opportunities -- well in advance of your new product launches, promotions and 18-month point of sale cycles – or your competitors’ e-commerce efforts.

This competitive edge and insight is forged by working closely and communicating on a daily basis with Hollywood talent agents and managers, movie studios, music labels; International, U.S. and local sports governing bodies and teams; video gaming developers; media outlets and leading Internet and social media companies.

That research edge when combined with a “big idea, on-strategy” creative emphasis and  commitment to uncompromising logistical execution ensures RockandSock’em delivers -- or creates -- your right-fit property, celebrity spokesperson, sponsorship, event, strategic partnership, cause marketing platform, etc.

We work seamlessly with your in-house marketing and PR teams to activate a break-through-the-clutter brand experience . . . at the best available agency fee rates, negotiated down out-of-pocket expenses and costs offset by brand partnerships and media co-sponsorships.  We’ve saved many clients tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or in the case with bigger programs, millions of dollars (see our Ford Blue Oval Certified “Commitment to Kids” program case study, for example!) in the negotiation and activation process. Brand dollars saved or better spent in other areas. 

What further sets RockandSock’em apart from the agency herd? Our network team is constructed of seasoned professionals who not only focus on building your brand and bottom line, but especially enjoy taking a good hard look at your competition, what they’re doing, and where they’re vulnerable:   

  • In what geographic markets?
  • In which seasonal cycles?
  • In what traditional b2b, retail, dealer group or e-commerce sales channels?
  • What creative and strategic “opportunity marketing” programming can we create relative to your competitor’s highest profile sponsorship properties, events, promotions, social media efforts, etc.?  

Our name is our mission and cultural mentality, and no coincidence: To Rock and Sock your competition, sales channels, trade partners, employees and consumers. We’re in business to provide your trade customers an edge at point of sale and online, and increase your customer base, their brand loyalty and overall market share. We’re more about; creating marketplace and brand opportunities than waiting for them … but recognizing and knowing what to do with them when they present themselves.

On behalf of our celebrity talent clientele, we provide elite PR, advertising and talent agency professionals with successful track records in securing profitable business and marketing opportunities, endorsement deals and personal appearance fees.  We also create and execute strategic PR, publicity, media training, crisis management, strategic philanthropy and Foundation platforms that make those business opportunities and partnerships possible.

Be sure to check out some of the corporate clients and celebrities with whom we’ve worked in the Company We Keep section.